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At Nav Jeevan Kendra, we focus on goal-driven and measurable criteria to guide us in the determination of a client’s care and treatment.


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Take Control of Your Life with
Nav Jeevan Kendra

If you find it difficult to give up on substance abuse or can’t seem to stop even when you want to, it’s time to get professional help to take control of your life back in your hands. And once you have decided to break the shackles of addiction, come to us at Nav Jeevan Kendra.

Step inside our unique world that blends multiple “rights” to help you recover your independence from alcohol, drugs, and other harmful substances so you can begin rebuilding the pieces of your life that these substances have almost destroyed.

At Nav Jeevan Kendra, we blend the right


We blend these “rights” with diverse personalities to help them transform their lives for the better, take control, and turn into productive members of society.
Remember – There isn’t much standing between you and help. You just need to reach out to us at Nav Jeevan Kendra to bring your life back on track!

Reach us right away and get every answer you seek to make the right choice.

we are here, just a phone call away, and we are ready to help you.


Our Milestone

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Successfully de-addicted and rehabilitated

Why Choose Nav Jeevan Kendra

Excellent Residential Rehabilitation with Spacious and Personalised Treatment Facilities

Supportive, Proactive, Trained, and Friendly Staff with Unmatched Professionalism and Empathy
Treatment Programmes Blend Education, Meditation, Yoga, Counselling, and Appropriate Medical Care and Concern
Treatments Offered In a Safe, Supportive and Comfortable Setting
Cognitive and Behavioural Skills Acquisition
Motivational Enhancements
Community Support
Treatment Programmes with High Success Rates
Long Term Recovery

Going through addiction treatment is extremely challenging and needs you to show courage to take the first step toward a sober and healthy life. At Nav Jeevan Kendra, we understand this. That’s why we stand by you at every step of the process and provide you with the requisite treatment, support, and a safe and comfortable setting to help you start your journey to becoming sober.

We have tried to provide you with as much information as possible, but we understand that you could still have questions, concerns, or doubts. To get answers, address your concerns, or clear your doubts, there’s no substitute for talking to a real person.


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