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12-Step Program

The 12-step program, developed and used for the first time by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), is a 12-step plan to triumph over addictions and compulsions. The fundamental premise of this model is that people can assist one another accomplish and maintain abstinence from alcohol, drugs, and other substances, but that healing can’t happen unless the addicts surrender to a higher power.

This higher power doesn’t necessarily need to be a God – it can be as simple as the universe, a group of people attending the 12-step meetings, or a different version of a higher power that aligns with one’s notion of spirituality.

The 12 steps, according to AA, are:

Confessing powerlessness over the addiction.
Trusting a higher power (no matter in what form) can help.
Choosing to give control to the higher power.
Reflecting inwardly and reviewing what makes you unique.
Admitting to oneself, the higher power, and another person the incorrect deeds that have been committed.
Being receptive to letting the higher power correct any weaknesses in one’s character.
Requesting the higher power to remove those weaknesses.
Creating a list of the incorrect deeds done to others and being ready to make amends for them.
Reaching out to those who have been hurt, unless doing so would hurt the individual.
Continuing to reflect inwardly and admitting when one is wrong.
Looking for connection and enlightenment with the higher power through meditation and prayer.
Carrying and conveying the message of the 12 steps to other addicts in need.