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Milieu Therapy

The word “milieu” is French, which means middle ground or middle place. The idea of a middle ground invokes images of a safe place, and that’s exactly what such a therapeutic environment is meant to be.

Milieu therapy refers to an addiction treatment program that builds a safe, healthier environment for a recovering addict to grow and change. This therapy is a structured, safe, flexible, group treatment method for mental health issues that could be the underlying cause of alcohol addiction, drug abuse, or other substance abuse.

Milieu therapy involves using daily activities and a conditioned community setting to help people use their inner strengths to modify their own self-destructive behaviour. It’s believed that their surroundings will persuade them to take advantage of their own inner strengths and utilise them to overcome their addiction.

Addiction Treatment and Milieu Therapy

It’s generally accepted that the environment in which addiction treatment occurs is important. That’s why rehabs go a long way to create a therapeutic environment. Though these programs aren’t always called milieu therapy, they are based on the same principles.

The advantage of such an approach is that instead of focusing just on treating the symptoms of addiction, it undertakes a much broader solution to help addicts start their recovery journey and build a healthy, happy, and productive life step-by-step that they can stick to even after bidding the alcohol and drug addiction treatment centre adieu.