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Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Enjoying the occasional alcoholic drink is a joy for many people. But this harmless pleasure can turn problematic if your drinking becomes uncontrolled and more frequent, as what was harmless can spiral into a severe problem. Alcohol addiction, also called alcohol use disorder or ‘AUD’ or ‘alcoholism’ develops when someone drinks alcohol excessively, which causes their body to become dependent on alcohol to function on a daily basis.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centre in Jaipur

At Nav Jeevan Kendra, we recognise that without expert guidance and support, alcohol addiction can cause several long-term psychological and physical problems, and can even turn fatal.

However, it’s vital to understand that you don’t have to struggle alone. Alcohol addiction is treatable and our expert team at Nav Jeevan Kendra can help you at every step of the way towards complete recovery.

Why Seek Expert Help for Alcohol Addiction

According to medical experts, alcohol addiction can be triggered by many factors. From peer pressure and the urge to conform in social circles to a chronic, relapsing mental health disorder that causes a physical, psychological, and emotional dependency on a substance or behaviour, people can be driven by diverse reasons to start drinking alcohol.

A person with alcohol addiction will continue to consume it despite its risky, harmful, or adverse consequences on his/her health, finances, family, relationships, work, and more. These individuals will be unable to successfully reduce or stop their use on their own, even if there have been attempts to achieve the same.

Signs that You Need to Get Alcohol Addiction Help

You should look out for a number of signs that may indicate you are struggling with alcoholism and should immediately seek expert help and support. Some of the most common symptoms of alcohol addiction to notice include:

Drinking heavily in solitude, even to the point of passing out
 Not sure of the amount to drink
Not sure of when to drink, and begin the drinking spree from morning or any odd time
Noticing that you have built a tolerance to your previous level of alcohol consumption, which means you now need to consume more to feel ‘drunk’
Missing out on special events and occasions, thanks to your drinking habits
Suffering from intense cravings for alcohol, to the degree that these affect your concentration levels and mood
Concealing, being deceptive, or lying about your drinking habits
Feeling as if alcohol has taken control of your life
Continuing to drink despite the adverse effects this has had on your work, physical and mental health, social life, or home.
If you notice any or most of these symptoms, you could soon experience the harmful effects of heavy drinking, including:
Problems at work
Failing relationships
Social stigma and embarrassment
Health issues (physical, mental, or both)
Financial crisis
Lost interest and enthusiasm for exercises or hobbies and interests

If you or a loved one of yours is having a challenging time with alcohol addiction, get help now by reaching us at Nav Jeevan Kendra.