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Alcohol & Drug Addiction Counselling

Addictive behaviour usually involves activities that provide the addicts an escape from pain or worries. It is through this apparent ‘escape’ that an individual may develop long-lasting addictive habits, which start hindering his/her everyday life and those of others.

Addiction counselling for alcoholism and drug addiction aims to explore where the behaviour has its roots and ascertain the underlying issue or trigger so that it can be treated properly.

Alcohol & Drug Addiction Counselling Centre

Taking the first step toward kicking your alcohol or drug addiction is a major accomplishment. Yet, for many, de-addiction is just the start of a long-term battle against craving and relapse. It’s here that customised counselling sessions can help.

Seeking counselling to overcome your addictive behaviour is a big and brave step. At Nav Jeevan Kendra, we offer you a safe, confidential space, along with a non-judgmental and caring approach, so you can speak openly and feel completely confident when talking about your addiction and expressing how you are feeling. Whatever be the addiction, your therapist and support staff will not get shocked or judge you.

By working with a trained addiction counsellor at Nav Jeevan Kendra, you can identify the roots of your addictive behaviour. For many, this behaviour begins as a coping mechanism or reaction to another segment of your life that wasn’t under your control. With our expert-led, empathetic addiction counselling, our experts seek to explore where your addictive behaviour has its roots and ascertain the underlying trigger or issue. This is one of the most effective ways of helping you address your addictions and discover a way forward.
Our alcohol and drug addiction counselling aims to assist you in the following ways:

Fortify your self-worth

Develop practical and effective skills for dealing with cravings
Help you find positive ways to manage stressful emotions and events
Learn the best approach to react to common behavioural and substance triggers
Assist you in rebuilding trusting relationships with others
Help you become responsible and compliant with other treatment plans.
At Nav Jeevan Kendra, our counsellor’s role is to facilitate your growth in ways that respect your personal resources, values, and capacity for self-determination with the aim of helping your journey to lifelong recovery

Why Counselling is Important in Addiction Treatment

Alcohol and drug addiction is more than physical dependence on the substances. Even after de-addiction, addicts are at a high risk for relapse. Counselling by experts can help addicts gain three types of control:
Urge Control helps individuals identify and change feelings, thoughts, and plans that lead to alcohol and drug use.
Stimulus Control helps individuals avoid situations associated with alcohol and drug use and learn to invest more time in activities incompatible with alcohol and drug use.
Social Control involves family members, loved ones, and other people who play a vital role in helping people avoid using alcohol and drugs. A spouse, parent, or sibling typically attends treatment sessions, when possible, and helps with therapy assignments and reinforcing the desired behaviour.
If you are ready to break the shackles of alcohol and drug and increase your ability to stay alcohol-free and drug-free even after treatment ends, opt for Nav Jeevan Kendra’s alcohol and drug addiction counselling today.