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Vision of Nav Jeevan Kendra

At Nav Jeevan Kendra, our vision is to become the leading treatment centre in the region helping the recovery of alcoholics and addicts in a safe, supportive, non-stigmatising, and friendly atmosphere with no bias or discrimination.

For us, people come first and all people matter. Our vision is to challenge harmful stereotypes, labels, oppression, and discrimination and use dignified language that’s free of judgement and derogatory or hurtful words and phrases.

We plan to share incidents boosting a positive attitude and facts about people who use substances, including addressing myths about behaviour change and use.
Our vision also includes using public and community education, including at a system level, to create and nurture models and practices that help promote and ensure services, treatment programmes, resources, and communities are accessible to all.

Additionally, we plan to make them strong and relevant so they help reduce inequities faced by individuals who use substances and their support in all environments (such as clinics, hospitals, businesses, etc).