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Definition of a Therapeutic Community

TCs or therapeutic communities are drug-free residential environments in which people with addictive (and other) problems live together in a structured and organised way to promote change and pave the way to living an alcohol-free and drug-free life in the outside society.

The Importance of a Therapeutic Community

The therapeutic community can be called a miniature society in which the addicts (residents) and the rehabilitation centre’s staff playing the role of facilitators fulfil distinct roles and adhere to clear rules, all of which are designed to encourage the transitional process of the residents. TCs employ a hierarchical model with treatment stages reflecting augmented levels of personal and social responsibility.

The goals of therapeutic communities are to bring a complete modification in lifestyle, including developing personal honesty, abstinence from substances, taking responsibility for one’s actions, learning and implementing useful social skills, and eliminating criminal behaviour and antisocial attitudes.

Therapeutic Community Program – How It Works

A therapeutic community makes addicts live together as a form of therapy. Since a therapeutic community program creates alcohol-free and drug-free environments that are extremely structured, residents feel safe to explore and implement new coping mechanisms and learn to combine forces with other people. Thus a therapeutic community program builds a miniature society where members can grow and develop in a supportive and unbiased setting.

Typical characteristics of a therapeutic community program at Nav Jeevan Kendra are:

Shared responsibility

A clear understanding of the responsibilities, roles, authorities, and limitations

Free communication

Involvement in decision-making
Active participation
Our TC programs also include daily community meetings, staff meetings to review responses and expectations, and living and learning opportunities for the residents.
By attending our therapeutic community program, residents can benefit in the following way:
Gain self-confidence
Develop friendly relationships with other members of the community
Become socio-centric
Develop leadership skills
Learn to live and think collectively with the community members
Learn to comprehend and solve problems of self and others

Several studies have found that therapeutic community programs can substantially improve the quality of life for the residents.

If you or a loved one of yours is ready for a recovery orientation by attending a therapeutic community, which focuses on the whole person and overall lifestyle modification, and not just abstinence from alcohol and drug use, contact us at Nav Jeevan Kendra right away.