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Yoga and meditation are increasingly being used in alcohol and drug rehabilitation treatment programmes. Using them throughout recovery has been found to help people reduce withdrawal symptoms, avoid relapse, and find an effective and healthy way to cope with triggers and stressors.

Experts at Nav Jeevan Kendra – the best alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre in Jaipur, offer asanas (yoga poses and pranayama) and meditation routines (dhyana) that educate, encourage, and promote individuals to achieve healthy physical and mental control while handling everyday stress and intense emotions.

When yoga and meditation are integrated into alcohol and drug rehabilitation treatment programs, they promote overall wellness and can help improve the physical body while facilitating individuals to manage stress better and learn effective techniques to relax the mind.

At Nav Jeevan Kendra, our trained and experienced professionals have developed the perfect yoga and meditation module to make their therapeutic benefits help our clients. Research has shown that the majority of people, who struggle with alcohol and drug addiction, use these substances to cope with anxiety or stress.

Regular practice of yoga helps to enhance a naturally-occurring brain chemical that let people manage anxiety, stress, and other challenging situations in a healthy manner. Meditation helps in addiction recovery by promoting positive changes in the brain regions responsible for self-control, which is known to boost craving resistance.

From stretching and breathing exercises (pranayama) to dhyana (meditation), all our yoga and meditation sessions are conducted by trained professionals to help calm the mind, manage thoughts and emotions appropriately, and boost overall well-being.

Reach us at Nav Jeevan Kendra right away if you would like to learn more about our unique yoga and meditation sessions as part of our alcohol and drug rehabilitation treatment programmes.