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Detox is the first step of the rehabilitation process. With a carefully planned and customised detox programme, you can ensure that you are physically stable enough to address the more underlying aspects of your addiction safely and with a clear mind.

The more you have engaged with addictive behaviours, the tougher it will become when you try to stop. Without the appropriate medical supervision and adequate support from experts, the detox process can quickly turn into an extremely dangerous one.

Your detox treatment could include medical detox, supported by cognitive behavioural therapy and a peer support group, to help you handle stressors, triggers, and other adverse situations that instigate you to relapse.

Detox Treatment Centre in Jaipur

Nav Jeevan Kendra in Jaipur offers the best private detox treatment as part of its rehabilitation programme for those suffering from alcohol addiction, drug addiction, and other substance misuses.

We are the most well-known entity in the business because of the conviction and trust our customers put in us. As a result, we enjoy above a 95% success rate among Jaipur’s alcohol rehabilitation centres and drug rehabilitation centres.

It’s best to opt for our in-house detox treatment that focuses on keeping your information and treatment details confidential while giving you viable treatment in a supportive and sheltered setting. We understand that attending a residential detox programme could make you afraid but we want to assure you not to fear.

Our team of expert and trained professionals will support you every step of the way. Additionally, we have specific processes like CBT, yoga, meditation, a 12-step programme, and periodic family gatherings etc., as part of our detox programmes to calm and ease symptoms, thus keeping you relaxed and comfortable.

When looking for the help that you deserve, getting enrolled in the residential detox treatment programme of Nav Jeevan Kendra is the first step on the road to life-long recovery.